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UU Mystics Online Book Discussion

Please Join us on zoom April 18th at 6pm PT for our next UU Mystics in Community monthly Book Discussion to share our experience, insights and perspectives about "The Spiritual Journey of Mysticism, Duality and NonDuality"

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Telephone (US Toll): 646 558 8656 or 408 638 0968

Meeting ID: 952 722 999

We will review and discuss concepts and ideas in John Greer's book, "Seeing, Knowing, Being" Introduction and first chapter Duality which can be read free at Amazon. 

"Most people give little thought to the reasons why they see the world as they do."

"It is our way of seeing the world that has caused our suffering, not the world itself."

"Mystical practices, in contrast to faiths codified in written creeds, are based on direct, unmediated

experience: knowing by being rather than by thinking and believing."

"The mystical adventure is all in the seeing." ------- Seeing, Knowing, Being by John Greer


Welcome!   We are members and friends of Unitarian Universalism walking the path of spiritual experience and growth as it unfolds in our lives.  We come to this website for inspiration, we circulate a newsletter, we explore our experience in our Facebook group, we convene at the UU General Assembly, we engage in teleconference discussion – in these and other ways we find kindred souls who clarify our attention, move us more deeply into our hearts, and show us the way to embody and engage our spirituality in our lives.  Thank you for visiting us and we hope to bring your longings and experience into the web of community that we are together weaving.

Why should we not also enjoy an original relationship to the universe?   Ralph Waldo Emerson,  An early UU Mystic